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Skara: The Blade Remains, A Developer’s Dream!

Posted under Editorials, and Featured, and News by Justin Oung on Sunday, June 16th, 2013 -

Game development is an incredibly difficult process, compounded by mounting deadlines, unrealistic expectations, and video game stock holders who will only see the fruits of other peoples’ labor.  Those programmers and art designers who have been swept under the radar and are unfortunate enough to become martyrs for the sake of the next Call of Duty clone are nonetheless drowning in a pit of desperation, trying to eke out a decent living with years of dedication and college debt.  However, with Kickstarter becoming a way out of those stockholders pockets, the developers for Skara are banking on a dream and an ideal.  8-Bit Studios are trying their best to take their careers in a new direction, hoping to impact change on an industry that is currently surviving in the throes of an economy in the process of rebuilding itself, and are hoping that they can make a decent living doing the one thing they love most: creating compelling games for a hardcore gaming audience!

Skara: The Blade Remains is a new title in development by 8-bit Studios that will attempt to seamlessly blend deep battle mechanics reminiscent of your favorite 2D fighting games, some action RPG elements (without a leveling system), and 8-character PvP and co-op arena battles into one extraordinary title for mobile platforms.  Each character has a unique fighting style honed to a class, with various weapons such as throwing axes, crossbows, slings, and arrows to level the playing field.  Experience points can be used to unlock new features and weapons while Honor Points will be used to determine your position in factions, and your position in the faction will determine your access to various abilities and skills!

8-bit Studios’s new Skara: The Blade Remains will feature various online and offline modes.  Current development has Duel, Deathmatch, The Last Standing, and Capture the Flag modes available for multi-player play, while Siege and Kill the King modes will be available for faction battles.  Hidden objectives can be found in various arenas, such as throwing a boulder off a high hanging cliff onto hordes of enemies below, awarding players with bonus Experience and Honor points!
Speaking with the developers at the Skara booth, I was met with invigorated passion and urgency for a group that has spent their last dime just to travel thousands of miles from Spain to get to E3 in Los Angeles, CA.  If we can help these guys meet their goal, we may be able to see an amazing hack and slash title available for us to download and play that is built on a foundation of passion, not greed.
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