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Double Fine’s Tim Schafer Did It His Way

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Friday, May 31st, 2013 -

Having created some of the most memorable experiences in PC history, Tim Schafer’s influence in the video games industry has been monstrous.  Being the first to fund his own Kickstarter campaign successfully without corporate fat cats going, ” I’ve never played any games before, but I can see that that’s what people want!” meant that he was able to do things exactly how he wanted without losing any of his own integrity.  Tim Schafer’s latest Kickstarter fundedBroken Age raised over 3 million dollars, breaking just over his original goal of $400,000.

With his new Massive Chalice back on Kickstarter again, fans who appreciate his work are now able to pay into the project in order for him to deliver games we actually want to play.  According to Schafer:

“Our first Kickstarter funded one of our teams here at Double Fine, and funded it really well. That’s great, but we do have other teams. We have multiple projects going on at once, so we have these other teams that we could fund with publishing deals or some other way, but we had such a positive experience with Kickstarter. We really wanted to fund another project that same way,”

An interview with the owner of Double Fine on Games Industry reveals more details on his upcoming campaign!  Click on the link above to check it out!

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