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Silicon Studios (3D Dot Game Heroes, upcoming Bravely Default: Flying Fairy for the Nintendo 3DS) has just released news on a post-processing middleware games development engine for the XBOX One named the Yebis 2, showcasing its capabilities in handling light and shadow effects, as well as its smooth rendering of motion blur and its realistic physics engine.  It also supports the Android and iOS platforms, Direct X11, three selectable HDR rendering, post-process anti-aliasing, and is built on an algorithm that allows a smooth graphical interface while maximizing performance!

You can view a tech demo below:

According to Silicon Studios’ press release, the Yebis 2 is capable of:

…multi-color customizable glare effects, depth of field effects, motion blur, bokeh, and more. YEBIS 2 provides various high-quality lens effects which can be used on a broad range of development platforms including Xbox One.

More information and screenshots for the new graphics engine can be found by following this link.

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