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Sony Releases New MMORPG, Dragon’s Prophet Open Beta Sign-up!

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 -

A sorta’, kinda’ sequel to Runewalker’s Runes of Magic, their new free-to-play MMO to be released by Sony is called Dragon’s Prophet, and is currently in open beta.  Its main draw will be dragons (duh.)!  Sony Online Entertainment has finally lifted their non-disclosure agreement for closed beta on the title, and Joystiq Massively writer Jeff Reahard has a few choice words to say about the game, which mostly amounts to:

I don’t think the new game in its present state is quite ready for prime time.

He laments the game’s quest-based system, saying that its spoils are definitely not worth the time you put into completing the quests, as “intestine drippings” fill your inventory quicker than any real loot you may find in your journeys.  He also mentions that character creation is robust and the game is surrounded with lush environments.

However, game’s are rarely “ready for primetime” in closed beta.  Open beta will begin for players on May 30, 2013, so you’ll have a firmer grasp on how gameplay will be for the nearly finished product.  Sign ups are available on the game’s website here, if you’re interested in joining!  Have fun!

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