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Survival Horror Back From The Dead: 13 Horror Games for 2013 and Beyond! (Part II)

Posted under Editorials, and News by Justin Oung on Friday, May 17th, 2013 -


…and we’re winding down to the last six games on this list.   Check them out below!

6. Resident Evil: Revelations

Capcom has released a slew of Resident Evil titles lately, which has created a lot of mixed reactions among fans of the franchise… which were mostly negative… a negatively mixed bag of reviews.  Resident Evil: Revelations is being billed as a return to form for the franchise, where the real horror came from the room next door, with slow-moving zombies lurking at every corner or at the top of every staircase, and sights and sounds did more to frighten and enhance the experience than a bullet storm from an Uzi (ammo was scarce in higher difficulty settings).

If this title holds up to its own promises, then we might see a resurgence in the franchise for fans new and old, recapturing a return to the things we loved about the original (especially the cheesy acting in the intro FMV!).  Look for it to come out in four days on May 21, 2013!


5. Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep, a title still being built by Norwegian developer Krillbrite Studios, has you starring as the toddler protagonist overlooking the odd, the creepy, and the oddly creepy in your 5 lb 3 oz. world.  Though very little is known about this upcoming game, which has recently started a new Kickstarter campaign and a Project Greenlight page on Steam, we do know that the trailer for this project is full of actual in-game footage and looks amazing!


4. Zwei: The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami, the original creator for the first Resident Evil (and “father of survival horror”), returns with this wicked full-motion video trailer for a game that looks completely insane!  With humans hanging upside-down in concept art, Cthulu monsters jumping out of sanguine pools of blood, and other creepy crawlies hanging off windows in some madman’s secret lab, The Evil Within looks like a leap forward that is harkening back to the town of Silent Hill.  Check out the trailer below, and be ready to be terrified all over again by the original master of ceremonies!


3. Obscure (2013)

Fans of the original Obscure series have been completely disappointed by developers The Mighty Rocket’s (formerly Hydravision’s) take on our favorite franchise, as the remake to the 2004 sleeper hit is being turned into an old-school 2D side-scroller.  Though some may argue that the complete overhaul of the game is ruining the franchise, I’m going to welcome it with open arms, as we haven’t seen another sequel since developers Hydravision changed the name of their company to focus on more kid-friendly titles and publisher Dreamcatcher Interactive was bought out by Nordic Games.  Being a fan of great 2D platformers and the original games, I may actually pick this one up.  I’ll tell you about it when I do.


2. The Last of Us

I’m a big, big fan of Naughty Dog, developers of the Uncharted series and other noteworthy franchises such as Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter.  Their upcoming post-apocalyptic title is full of looming isolated landscapes built from the ashes of once thriving cities.  Though it remains to be seen whether The Last of Us can be classified as survival-horror, I believe that it is safe to surmise that surviving, itself, in a world populated by desperate and hungry people willing to gut you for everything you own, is its own form of horror.

With full motion-capture technology and professional voice acting from actors Troy Baker (Batman: Arkham City as Two-Face and Robin, Injustice: Gods Among Us as Nightblade/Dick Grayson, Silent Hill 2 as James Sunderland) and Ashley Johnson (movies Nine Months, Fast Food Nation, and horror movie Otis), The Last of Us is shaping up to be this Summer’s epic blockbuster!

Get your pre-orders ready because this game looks amazing!


1. InSane

Oh, THQ.  I mourn your loss, and the loss of a game that I have been anticipating since it was announced in 2010.  Everything was kept hush-hush about this project, as even Guillermo del Toro didn’t offer up any significant details besides the fact that, yes, THQ was working on it and that it would be freaky.  Once the studio went into bankruptcy and shut down indefinitely, so did my hopes of seeing this game finished.

There have been rumors floating around that Guillermo del Toro has been shopping around for developers, as all intellectual property rights have been returned to him for inSane.  Some say that Valve, famous for the Half-life series, has been in talks with the director and may be helping him see this trilogy come to light.  It’s really too soon to tell, as there has been no real news regarding Guillermo del Toro’s inSane since THQ closed its doors.

I’m not losing hope on this project.  You’ve worked so hard on this already!  Please make this happen, Mr. del Toro!!!

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