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Survival Horror Back From The Dead: 13 Games for 2013 and Beyond! (Part I)

Posted under Editorials, and Featured, and News by Justin Oung on Thursday, May 16th, 2013 -


The survival horror genre has been falling down on its last legs for a few years now, with major developers trying to broaden their appeal to a wider audience with action-oriented clones of Resident Evil 4.  Taking a cue from audiences world-wide begging for horror titles more true to form, and possibly from Independent developers releasing successful survival horror titles that rely less on big guns and ammo and more on atmosphere, exploration, and a sense of dread, survival horror games that are currently slated for 2013 are looking very promising!

Without further ado, here are #’s 13-8 on this list of survival horror games announced for 2013 (and some others that I hope won’t fall dead on arrival…)!


13. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Originally slated to be released in Halloween 2012, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs has been delayed once again to the tail end of 2013.  While the original game was created as a sort of experiment in horror and exploration, and the progression for its sequel continued, developers thechineseroom decided to broaden its scope for this title with a full-fledged game, rather than the short experiment they had planned much like the first one.  Let’s hope the extra effort they put into this title goes a long way in terrifying us once again!


12. Dementium II

The original Dementium series took the Nintendo DS’s controls and actually created a pretty awesome, yet somewhat linear, survival horror game.  Their second outing on the DS improved upon the original game with better gameplay and a freakier atmosphere, while keeping in line with the game’s original themes and intentions, turning out a sleeper hit worthy of our attention.  The PC port, developed by Memetic Games and soon-to-be released by Digital Tribe, will take players once again through the haunted hallways of the Bright Dawn Treatment Center, a strange mental asylum overrun by night terrors.  I loved the original games and am waiting with bated breath for this one!


11. Daylight


Developed by Zombie Studios (Blacklight:Retribution) under the Unreal 4 engine, Daylight looks like it’s going to be interesting.  Set in an insane asylum that is “procedurally generated” with each play-through, our main female protagonist is armed with nothing more than a cell phone and road flares to exorcise the asylum from deadly spirits.  The game is supposed to randomly generate environments according to your style of play, scaring you with horrors tailored to your specific fears (much like what Silent Hill: Shattered Memories tried to do for the PS2).  Seems interesting.  I think I’ll look out for this one and see how it goes.


10. Outlast

Trapped inside a top-secret Nazi research facility shut down for unknown reasons, your job is to survive by running.  Red Barrels’s new Outlast looks like a mix between the Amnesia series and the Dawn of the Dead movie remake.  If trying to run from fast zombies chasing you through confined spaces seems like a fun time, look out for this title.  I’m already drooling over how crazy this trailer looks!


9. Routine

Much like its predecessor Dead Space, Lunar Software’s Routine is set in in the dark solitude of empty space, on a moonbase that is possibly overrun by… something.  Little is known about this game, so we’re not sure what to expect.  All we know is that Routine is slated as a survival horror title and looks like it could be good.  Only time will tell.  Either way, check out the trailer below!


8. Dark

A stealth-based FPS with vampires, Kalypso Media’s and developer Realmforge Studios’s Dark is more of an action-RPG with horror elements, but is worth including in this list for being kin to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, which can be scary depending on how they take it.  Though it’s too early to tell, we do know that its artwork resembles a comic book style and this could be the game to look out for in the coming years.


7. Until Dawn

This title seems a little iffy, as it integrates controls from the Playstation Move, and games typically using motion controls haven’t exactly been able to implement the technology well enough to warrant fluid gameplay.  However, we shouldn’t give up hope, as it would be unfair to judge a book by its cover.  Until Dawn is a survival-horror title in the style of a teen slasher flick, which could be good in the right hands.  Any fans of the very obscure Obscure series by the developers formerly known as Hydravision (now Mighty Rocket Studios) know that games in the style of teen slashers could be scary and fun in the right hands.  I don’t own a Playstation Move, so I’m not looking out for this one, but anyone who does might want to check it out.

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