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I know I need a new headset.  I tried being a part of the last Gaming Dead podcast and every time I raised my voice out of excitement, I sounded like a raspy 65 year old woman with chronic bronchitis.  I’m looking at these headphones… and they look pretty sweet…

Performance Designed Products’s (PDP) Afterglow line has always looked and performed like magic, as they’re compatible with all consoles and PC’s and are typically built to last.  Their latest in portable audio technology, the Afterglow Universal Prismatic Wireless Headset, is no exception.  With its sleek design and large 50mm lightweight Neodymium speakers, three separate audio modes fine tuned with the help of a nameless award-winning Hollywood post-production company, and 10+ hours of uninterrupted gameplay with the help of a lithium ion battery and 10′ wall adapter, the PDP Afterglow Prismatic is the one product that makes me want to sell my children into slave labor for $100 plus sales tax.

I’m not a good father.  I’m doing this for them.

She’s winking at me…

The headset is designed with a built-in customizable color changing thingie (What?  That’s not a technical term?) that is interchangeable with over 2,200 lighting shades (but you’ll probably only use about two or three.  “How much longer do I have to push this button to get to Purple?  Aww, crap!  I just missed it!”).  Its three individual audio modes: Raw audio for unchanged classic stereo, Bass Boost that takes all those low level sounds and makes them all super loud for no reason, and Immersive Mode with a 3D algorithm that’ll help you not get shanked from behind in games like Halo and Counter Strike.  Ohh… the embarassment.

It also offers the capability to customize sounds between Chat audio and In-game audio (with two Master controls for each), a Mute button that allows you to argue with your wife or take porn breaks, a retractable noise-cancelling mic, and an LED indicator that lets you know when your Mute button is on so that you don’t spend like, 15 minutes going, “Can you hear me now?  I don’t know what’s happening!  You can’t hear me?  Oh wait, my Mute button is on…”

It also comes with a built-in wi-fi dongle “Powered by the Avnera chipset” that delivers wireless connectivity without interruption, in case you needed to leave the room and talk with your online girlfriend on World of Warcraft.

She bends in ways that makes me think funny thoughts…

I want.  Now.  Free swag, please?  *cries*

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