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Warlock – Master of the Arcane Update Adds Twenty New Spells

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 -

Ino-Co Plus has released a new update for fantasy strategy game Warlock РMaster of the Arcane.  Owners of the game can download the update on Steam now.

As well as implementing a number of bugfixes, this update adds twenty new spells to the game.

From the patch notes:

  • New Ancient and Teramorphing Spells. Overall 20 new spells, some of them can be found, not researched.
  • The “pocket” worlds were generally redesigned, so they are more playable and valuable. Also added some super-monster lairs with super-loot inside.
  • The monster in such pocket worlds don’t spawn until someone come inside, but after they do they actively seek the portals to come to Ardania and Rampage there a bit.
  • New landscapes in game, including life, death, burnt, magicated, each having their effects on units, buildings and economy.
  • A Bug fixed when a player could order his unit to move over an allied unit that was hidden in fog of war, leading to crash.
  • A Bug fixed when loading early in the game could disable some random events.
  • A Bug fixed when loading a multiplayer game all users except host could not see their quests.
  • A Crash fixed when a player had his Hall of Lords full.
  • A Bug fixed, when some units of earlier vanquished Great Mage could emerge later in the game.
  • A Bug fixed in Multiplayer when a player casts Resurrect spell and every other player got a “select a unit” window pop-up.
  • A Bug fixed when a player got incorrect News after he successfully casts a global spell.
  • Monsters spawned together with their lairs now cannot go rampage on the same turn.
  • Some spells and events make the world tremble. Literally.
  • AI now understands the danger of damaging landscape and acts accordingly.
  • AI now uses portals to/from pocket worlds more actively.
  • AI cleans the landscape with appropriate spells when needed.
  • AI now can use terramorphing spells offensively.
  • A Bug fixed when AI tried to use totems like basic units (and failed).
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