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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Update Adds Dozens of New Maps

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 -

Stardock Entertainment has released a new update for spacegoing strategy sequel Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.  The update can be downloaded by game owners now on Steam.

This update adds dozens of new maps to the game.

From the change log:

  • [ Gameplay ]

    • New Maps! We’ve added dozens of new maps, including competitive multiplayer variants which normalize resources, militia and other factors (thanks to Pbhead and GoaFan77 for these). New maps include:

      • The Art of War Competitive
      • Battle Lines / Battle Lines Competitive
      • Blitz / Blitz Competitive
      • Close Encounters Competitive
      • Crystal Storm / Crystal Storm Competitive
      • Double Cross Competitive
      • Empires at War
      • Foreign Invasion Competitive
      • Fractured Lands / Fractured Lands Competitive
      • Gemini / Gemini Competitive
      • Hostile Orbits / Hostile Orbits Competitive
      • Kabel Competitive
      • Maelstrom Competitive
      • Melting Point Competitive
      • New Dawn / New Dawn Competitive
      • Pandemonium Competitive
      • Quick Strike Competitive
      • Random – Huge Multi-Star Competitive
      • Random – Huge Ring Competitive
      • Random – Huge Single-Star Competitive
      • Random – Large Multi-Star Competitive
      • Random – Large Single-Star Competitive
      • Random – Medium Competitive
      • Random – Mini / Random – Mini Competitive
      • Random – Small Competitive
      • Random – Vast / Random – Vast Competitive
      • Razor’s Edge Competitive
      • Storm Front Competitive
      • Tempest Competitive
      • The Void
      • Triple Entente Competitive
      • Twin Empires Competitive
      • Typhoon Competitive
      • Unstable Alliance Competitive
      • Whirlwind Competitive
    • All corvettes are now unaffected by most harmful Titan abilities

      • Exceptions are Explosive Shot, which will still knockback corvettes in the AoE, and The Maw, which will still potentially draw in corvettes in the AoE (but won’t specifically target them).
    • Ships should no longer try to use abilities on invulnerable targets.
    • Corvettes will no longer be explicitly targeted by Cleansing Brilliance or Reverie abilities (but may still be affected by them).
    • Corvettes are no longer affected by Magnetic Clouds.
    • Adjusted relationship bonuses per Pact with allies to grant a 0.2 Diplomatic Actions bonus per unique Pact (to a maximum of 2.4).
    • Adjusted relationship penalties per Pact with enemies to grant a -0.5 Diplomatic Actions penalty per unique Pact (to a maximum of -6.0).
    • TEC Loyalists

      • Titan: Can now cast Group Shield on itself.
      • Titan: Increased started HP from 5400 to 5500; increased starting Armor from 11 to 12.
    • TEC Rebels

      • Titan: AutoCannon damage increased from 110.5 to 121.52; Missile damage increased from 127.5 to 140.25.
    • Advent (General)

      • Deliverance Engine Balance Changes:

        • Cannonshell speed increased from 12000 to 36000 (moving at the speed of thought!).
        • Culture Spread effect increased from 5 to 15.
        • The 25% damage buff to Advent player owned ships will now affect incoming ships as well as those already in the gravity well when the shot hits.
        • Deliverance Engine shots will now reduce an enemy planet’s Allegiance by 10% (stacks 3 times).
    • Advent Loyalists

      • Global Unity now adds a 5% bonus to max. planet allegiance in addition to its other effects.
    • Advent Rebels

      • Wail of the Sacrificed has been changed to affect all adjacent planets, ships and structures regardless of ownership. 
      • Titan: Chastic Burst antimatter cost increased from 70 to 80; cooldown increased from 20 to 30.
      • Titan: Side Beam damage reduced from 130 to 117.
      • Fixed Expulsion tech to properly give its 20% culture spread bonus.
    • Vasari Loyalists

      • Titan: The Maw will no longer explicitly target corvettes (though they may still be affected if caught in the ability AoE).
      • Titan: Increased the cooldown on The Maw from 175 to 210.
      • Titan: Starting HP increased from 4802 to 5042; HP per level decreased from 459 to 436; starting Shields increased from 2567 to 2696; Shields per level decreased from 533 to 507.
    • Vasari Rebels

      • Titan: HP per level increased from 405 to 445; Shields per level increased from 529 to 582; Armor per level increased from 0.58 to 0.64.
      • Rebel Starbases will now suffer from additional debuffs after a phase jump: Passive shield regeneration is decreased by 50%, Armor is reduced by 1.5 and weapon damage received is increased by 25%. Negative effects after phase jumping a Starbase now stack 3 times; debuff duration of all effects increased to 600 seconds from 60.
      • Armor Restoration technology bonus reduced from +25% HP / +5 Armor to +15% HP / +3 Armor.
    • Pirates

      • Ships spawned from bounty raids made less random and weaker earlier in the game.
      • Pirate raids spawned via Diplomatic mission costs adjusted for revised raid levels above (i.e., much cheaper).
  • [ Misc. ]

    • Fixed reported null pointer crash related to buff spawning (thanks ezeltje299).
    • Fixed reported null check on first spawner buffs (thanks ateague1987).
    • Fixed broken Pirate Exterminator Steam Achievement.
    • Fixed broken Outstanding Resume Steam Achievement.
    • Steam Cloud Saves re-enabled and should now work as intended in multiplayer games.
    • Checksum detection added on multiplayer saves to validate that saves aren’t corrupted.
    • Fixed Pact related crash that would occur if a player had more than six unique Pacts established.
    • Fixed null pointer crash related to Wail of the Sacrificed.
  • [ Modding ]

    • Added new icons to Galaxy Forge for competitive map types.
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