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Retro City Rampage Update Adds Tips Screens

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 -

Vblank Entertainment has released a new update for reference-stuffed open world shooter Retro City Rampage.  The Steam version of the game will update automatically.

The update adds tips screens to the game, along with many more improvements.

More details are available at the game’s site; the highlights are as follows:

  • Added Tips Screens
  • Shop Location Icons
  • Added Coffee Jitter Speed Power
  • Faster Cars
  • Persistent Cars
  • Convenience Cars Spawned on Missions
  • Stomp and Dodge Tutorials Added
  • Many Story Missions Improved
    • Including but not limited to: Holy Secret Identification, Guilty Conscience, Drunk Trialing, Streets of Urban Bouncing, Pawn That Noob’s TV, Loose Change Laundry Caper, Super Stomp Shenanigans
    • Sweat Bomber platforming levels completely overhauled
    • Tap ‘dat AS5 stage overhauled
  • French Translation Update
  • Misc Bug Fixes
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