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Frontline Tactics Update Rebalances Early Missions

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 -

Full Control / WIT Entertainment has released new updates for free-to-play strategy game Frontline Tactics, available now for download on Steam.

These updates rebalance the game’s first few missions and add other fixes and improvements.

From the release notes:

  • Improvements:

    • Coop does not freeze when enemy reinforcements arrive.
    • Shader on units
    • Threat level on first few missions.
    • Using certain mods and quick reload no longer displays negative damage in the HUD.
    • Threat bonus in coop.
    • List of units deployed by your friend in coop on the multiplayer menu.
    • Superior Military Intelligence achievement (if you have already unlocked everything and it still shows 35/36 simply open the unlock popup and it should register the last unlock).
    • General coop improvements.
    • Coop mode now rewards the same value of points as in single player.
    • Added reset game feature.
    • Retiring a unit will return 100% of the core starting proficiency cost.
    • First several missions have been rebalanced.
  • Fixes

    • MP win/loss stats.
    • Various fixes to the shop menu.
    • Enter key no longer activates chat in single player.
    • Area defend mission finish conditions – sometimes would show “area lost” text even if you won.
    • Several achievements bugs.
    • Rare bug with medic causing the game to crash.
    • Spawn point fixes on certain missions.
    • Health bars will not show 0 health on targeted enemies unless they are dead.
    • You can no longer deploy only a medic.
    • Medkit bug where you sometimes could not heal certain units.
    • Cover to be more consistent.
    • Long black screen delay when shutting the game down.
    • Better shader fallbacks to work better on older hardware.
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