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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Update Recreates Library

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, November 18th, 2012 -

A new unofficial patch has been released for Gothic horror RPG Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, available for download now from The Patches Scrolls.

This update recreates the library and restores more missing content.

From the changelog:

  • v8.4.2 hotfix

    • Fixed freezing in library and made victim be Malkavian or Nosferatu.
    • Made name plate unsellable and updated walkthrough of library quest.
    • Removed money at beachhouse detection and made dog start peacefully.
    • Fixed Sabbat Obfuscator stats, warehouse inspection and Bertram bug.
  • v8.4

    • Recreated library, thanks for beta testing to vladdmaster and Stosh.
    • Unrestored library props elsewhere and fixed warform missing model.
    • Fixed dead beachhouse dog doing damage and getting extra gallery XP.
    • Added Humanity loss for killing Ash or Johansen at Leopold Society.
    • Improved warehouse boss perception and swapped model with bartender.
    • Removed Giovanni sarcophagus shortcut and added missing Bertram XP.
    • Restored two spiderchick and fatguy animations, thanks EntenSchreck.
    • Made Kiki leave Red Dragon and corrected original music at SM pier.
    • Modified Potence and Thaumaturgy animations, thanks to EntenSchreck.
    • Improved TV and radio state consistencies in SM and downtown havens.
    • Fixed Humanity loss of Hollywood thugs and missing Heather options.
    • Prevented ways to break hospital, Mandarin and Romero quest scripts.
    • Fixed Cabbie’s seating for some maps and people not giving jewelry.
    • Restored Johansen dialog Humanity changes and cut-off Beckett lines.
    • Fixed Venture Tower cameras and restored one Asylum elevator sound.
    • Added magazine quest state for killing Flynn and aborted getting it.
    • Corrected Hallowbrook Hotel door opening at and moved two spawners.
    • Fixed Isaac/Gargoyle quest state bug and adjusted several histories.
    • Removed bad sentence of Mercurio and one of Isaac’s two “evening”s.
    • Fixed Ocean House double ghost encounter and moved elevator buttons.
    • Corrected floating Mercurio and passive guard inside Venture Tower.
    • Added newspaper of stealth Glaze and changed Fu newspaper condition.
    • Corrected King’s Way details and a Hollywood Asian theater trigger.
    • Fixed Ash, Jack, Vandal, Romero, Mercurio and Therese dialogue bugs.
    • Restored inaccessible Prince, Damsel, Flynn, Hatter and Ming lines.
    • Decreased Fu Syndicate’s cross guy timeout and fixed a bad doorknob.
    • Disabled buggy spawner in warrens level and fixed Noir cop problem.
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