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King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North Update Corrects Issues

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, November 18th, 2012 -

1C-Softclub has released a new update for Viking-themed RPG King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North.  The update is available for game owners to download on Steam now.

This update corrects a number of minor issues with the previous version of the game.

From the change list:

  • Odis Or and Undershore Brotherhood quests corrected*
  • Quest-related (“Missing cabin boy”) army now doesn’t run away anymore*
  • “Sense Weakness” skill routine fixed
  • “Icy Rage” skill now applies critical chance to rage abilities
  • Valkyrie level up interface improved
  • Game freeze after sacrificing a second item to Gudrida fixed
  • Hilda now adds a correct amount of leadership at any level*
  • Regina now grants an attack bonus to level 5 creatures*
  • “Greedy” achievement counter now displays the amount of gold earned correctly*
  • “Magical Help” ability of Witchhunters now applies a random buff
  • Calculation of travel time between islands corrected*
  • Incorrect passages in Catacombs, Pirate dungeon and on the Riftlands, Tunsinn, Grotland, Island and Nordlig are now fixed
  • Auto-battle now uses rage abilities
  • Amount of honey in “Block of Honey” now won’t be reduced over time if the item is not equipped*
  • “Shamanic Doll” item functioning corrected*
  • “Telescopic Sight” item functioning corrected*
  • “Last hero” spell corrected
  • Rune Mages initiative corrected
  • A number of texts clarified and corrected, including descriptions of Song of Ljusalfheim, skill “Transmutation”, “Divine Hand”, bonus items in Valhalla edition and more
  • *This change will be applied only after starting a new game because this data is stored in a save file.
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