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Serious Sam HD: TSE Adds VAC Support

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 -

Croteam has released a new update for action shooter sequel Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, which game owners can download on Steam now.

This update adds support for the Valve Anti Cheat feature.

From the update description:

  • Added support for VAC.
  • Leaderboard for SV_TripleTrouble now works.
  • Fixed player banning not working and re-enabled player time ban in voting menu.
  • Ammo items are no longer allowed in case infinite ammo game mode is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug in warmup mode where the player’s body would remain in the game when they switched into spectate mode.
  • The game can now start even if XInput is not (properly) installed. Dedicated server can now also run without it.
  • Crouching now doesn’t emit any footsteps.
  • Added a HUD element that shows the names of people currently transmitting via voice chat.
  • Added support for colored chat messages in chat console.
  • Changed the color of kill messages in chat console.
  • Fixed formatting errors with player names with special characters in spectator mode and when voting.
  • Fixed a formatting error in French locale with DeathMessage.Suicide.
  • When picking up a sniper weapon item, player will receive five bullets in non-campaign modes, and fifteen bullets in campaign modes.
  • Adjusted Sniper weapon and ammo availability and respawn times on versus levels.
  • Fixed possible spawning of multiple sniper items on JumpOver.
  • Now allowing powerups to be disabled in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.
  • Fixed that the scoreboard in versus matches would sometimes show the score outside of the box.
  • Added an XML tag “roundstart” at the beginning of a match containing information about the gamemode.
  • Added playerid to logged Xml tags for playerjoined, playerleft, kill and chat.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when formatting times (e.g. in save/load menu).
  • Added additional subtitles for Sam’s quotes on HDTSE.
  • Fixed a kamikaze getting stuck in a wall.
  • Fixed an issue with trigger not being spawned in coop mode on final level of FE.
  • Fixed players erroneously receiving minigun on a chapter on 3rd level of HD DLC Legend of Beast.
  • Fixed a few collision bugs in some Legend of the Beast levels.
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