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Hotline Miami Update Enables Achievements on Steamworks

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 -

Dennaton Games has released a new update for top-down action game Hotline Miami.  Game owners can download the update on Steam now.

With this update, achievements are now working when Steamworks are enabled.

From the release notes:

  • Visual C++ package has been remade – to make it work correctly make sure you uninstall, reinstall the game (through Steam), let Steam install new driver AND restart the computer
  • Achivements are now working when you select “Yes” to enable Steamworks.
  • Remapping keys are now available with movement and restart. You access this in the CONTROL section (TITLE MENU)
  • Game can now run in lower resulutions. That should now take care of the problem some people had getting stuck while entering stairs or elevators.
  • Masks perks have been fixed and tweaked.
  • Game saving grade on the wrong stage have been fixed. However, we are not able to move the grade you already unlocked, so to make sure you have A+ on a stage, replay it and kick its ass one more time to make sure the A+ displayed is the correct A+.
  • Most reported bugs have been taken care of and should not cause more trouble. If they still persist or you encounter any new ones please report them here on the forum or at support@devolverdigital.com.
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