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Mark of the Ninja Updates Add New Launch Options

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, November 12th, 2012 -

Klei Entertainment has released new updates for atmospheric stealth game Mark of the Ninja.  Game owners can download the updates now on Steam.

These updates add new launch modes, allowing players to launch the game in windowed mode or to disable controller detection.  The updates will reset any mid-level saves to the beginning of the current level.

From the update notes:

  • The game should now correctly launch in Windowed mode after detecting that there are no 60Hz fullscreen modes available.
  • Removed debug camera functionality from NUMPAD keys.
  • Fixed AI logic for a patrolling Guard in “The Fall of Hessian Tower” level.
  • Fixed completion conditions for earning “Ride the Crate” Seal in “Above a Bottomless Chasm” level.
  • Additional minor localization fixes to the UI and menus.
  • Improved error logging.
  • Removed possible exploit when using Terror Darts against dogs.
  • Added “-windowed” launch option for Users experiencing problems initially starting the game in Fullscreen mode.
  • Added “-nocontroller” launch option for Users to disable controller detection.
  • Launch options:

    1. Go to your Steam Library
    2. Right click on “Mark of the Ninja”
    3. Select “Properties”
    4. Select “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…”
    5. Type in “-windowed” and/or “-nocontroller” without the quotes
    6. Click “OK”
    7. Launch Mark of the Ninja
  • Fixed issue in “Breaching the Perimeter” level where Ninja would sometimes be killed instantly when restarting a particular checkpoint.
  • Fixed potential hindering issue where a vent would not unlock in “The Trail of Shadow” level.
  • Fixed issue where fuseboxes would not reset in the Challenge Room of “An Ancestral Home” level.
  • Fixed random crash which was occurring when loading a level or checkpoint.
  • Mouse cursor is now constrained to game window in Fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed crash when failing to initialize DirectInput8 at start-up.
  • Added warning dialog when advancing from Gamma Correction screen with a low gamma setting.
  • Minor localization fixes to the UI.
  • Fixed issue where Parachute Cloth item would sometimes stop working.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into levels on certain integrated or mobile graphic cards which have restrictions on non power of two sized textures.
  • Fixed a crash with mouseover FX on objects when in Focus mode.
  • Improved error handling of startup failures.
  • Updated DirectX installation now triggered if necessary.
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