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Left 4 Dead 2 Updates Make Various Fixes

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, November 12th, 2012 -

Valve has released new updates for zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2.  Owners of the game can download the update on Steam now.

These updates make a number of fixes to the music, navigation, and other matters.

From the update lists:

  • Fixed the game and tools not launching on machines with 16+ CPUs.
  • Fixed missing and incorrect music being played in the L4D1 campaigns
  • Swamp Fever – The Swamp: Added additional self-terminating survivor-only blockers to the areas above the airplane wreckage to prevent players from skipping the airplane event. These blockers are killed once the airplane door is opened.
  • Cold Stream South Pine Stream: Added a small blocker next to a crate near the military truck near mid-level to resolve a minor stuck spot.
  • Fixed controller navigation in mutation menus
  • Fixed fire from incendiary ammo re-igniting itself and never burning out.
  • New achievement: “Good Guy Nick – Plays games with free weekend players and helps them survive a campaign.”
  • Fixed player movement using joystick settings when playing with keyboard and mouse.
  • Fixed a secure convar warning when scrolling the mouse wheel as a player infected.
  • Enable controller navigation of menus to support Big Picture mode.
  • Allow client menus to execute restricted client commands.
  • Fixed special infected not catching fire if they were already burning from incendiary ammo.
  • Hunter and Jockey won’t be killed if slashed mid-leap by another infected.
  • Infected damage applied to a Jockey rider is ignored for the Jockey and no longer passed on to the Survivor. This fixes Jockey victims being subject to double damage from infected attacks and instant incap from Tanks.
  • Tweaked boss zombie spawn timing in Versus to prevent the Tank spawning as soon as the Survivors exit the safe room.
  • Fixed the first maps in Dead Center and Swamp Fever not using the boss spawning rules for starting maps, which are more restrictive than other maps.
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