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Nuclear Dawn Updates Include Fixes And Balance Tweaks

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 -

InterWave Studios has released new updates for FPS-RTS hybrid Nuclear Dawn.  Game owners can download the updates on Steam now.

These updates fix a number of issues and make some tweaks to the gameplay to improve game balance.

From the update notes:

  • Added an option to disable automatic minimap rotation.
  • Fixed flamethrower hurting self when friendly fire enabled since last update.
  • Fixed http downloads on Mac not sending an HTTP referer.
  • Fixed a common server crash.
  • Various other stability fixes.
  • Gameplay and Balance

    • Slightly lowered NX300 damage output against players.
    • Slightly raised Sonic Turrent damage output to balance with Flame Turret’s extra fire damage.
    • Lowered Machine Gun Turret cost to 2500.
    • Commanders now get points for a critical assist if player-initiated artillery strike kills an enemy.
    • Empire commander ability poison is now differently colored to distinguish between it and Consortium’s.
    • Commander poison ability now matches description and no longer hurts teammates unless friendly fire is enabled.
    • Fixed NX300 not hurting teammates with friendly fire enabled.
  • Client

    • Updated Report a Bug link.
    • Added invert mouse wheel zoom option to Options panel.
    • Fixed bad password connect error box using lan server error text after a recent update.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed malicious servers to execute restricted console commands on players.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed malicious servers to prevent players from executing console commands.
  • Server

    • Added sv_allow_addon_override (default 0) to block client addon vpks from overriding game files.
    • Added mp_winlimit cvar.
    • Added sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds, to throttle clients from changing their name too rapidly. (Defaults to 20 seconds)
    • Added check to prevent player names from containing color codes.
    • setinfo console command will now reject attempts to set / change convars with any unusual characters
    • Tweaked team balancer logic to be smarter about when and whom to move.
    • Fixed some exploits where a malicious client could intentionally crash a server.
    • Fixed typo in name of research_complete event; added research completion logging.
    • Added rate limiting for connections and added the following convars, sv_max_connects_sec, sv_max_connects_window, sv_max_connects_sec_global.
  • Other

    • Fixed being able to use some weapons (mostly throwables) while on ladder or sprinting.
    • Fixed in-chair commanders being unable to chat at round end.
    • Fixed some issues with wall and barrier collision performance.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed server browser network activity to continue after choosing a server.
    • Fixed missing effect console error when reloading Avenger.
    • Fixed sv_offline console error when going into Offline Practice mode.
    • Marked mem_force_flush as a cheat to prevent client exploits.
    • Fixed a packet injection exploit in the client/server streams.
    • Updated localizations.
  • Mapping / Modding

    • Added numerous functions to the vscript api (see https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/List_of_ND_Script_Functions).
    • Added OnResearchUnlockedConsortium and OnResearchUnlockedEmpire outputs to nd_logic_custom ent.
    • Added OnConditionAdded and OnConditionRemoved outputs to player. See wiki for value meanings.
  • Hydro

    • Fixed commanders being able to deploy structures outside of the level in some areas.
  • Clocktower

    • Fixed commanders being able to deploy structures in the parking garage.
  • Gate

    • No longer in beta.
    • Updated overview.
    • Updated loading screen.
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