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Iron Grip: Marauders Update Adds New Level

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 -

ISOTX has released a new update for browser-based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders.  No installation is necessary; the update is already implemented in the online game.

This update adds a new level to the game, along with other additions and improvements.

From the changelog:

  • A brand new level – 24
  • Re-introducing hero training
  • Perk store now available in all regions
  • Research Tree modification
  • Earn more gems by inviting friends!
  • Revamp of the first tutorial battle
  • Fixed:

    • Command Wheel of Doom animation is fixed
    • Emilia’s primary and secondary attacks on level 7 now work properly
    • Atelian Warlords can now Target Structures
    • Damage type of Atelian Nomad Riders was fixed to Armor Piercing
    • Firebomber L.2 had the same kill XP as Firebomber 1 (40). Now it has 45.
    • Baron Artillery Walker L.4 had the same Kill XP as L.3 (115). Now it has 125.
    • ICTH made Devastator 2 Obsolete. This was fixed. (research issue)
    • Telura gave Bombardier L.2 as prize, instead of L.4.
    • Major Longfield damage badge was fixed to match his explosive damage type.
  • Balance:

    • The perk prices and durations were shuffled
    • Grenadiers Level 2 move speed slightly increased.
  • Added:

    • Tech:

      • Research Tech 9 (Not yet available – set for L.25)
      • Machinery Tech 9 (Not yet available – set for L.25) .
    • Units:

      • Grenadier L.3: a bit faster, ~15% more HP, Double critical hit chance (so now 10%), slightly larger area for area damage, 8% more damage.
      • Armor Crackers 4: 10% faster, 12% more HP, 12% more damage, and 5% more range
      • Elite Devastator MK1: NEW UNIT TYPE! The only unit around with 9 AP. It can shoot up to 3 shots a turn. While each shot is less devastating than those of the other devastators, the ability to better spread the damage more than compensates for that. Additionally, the area damage spreads over a much larger area, although each victim within that area receives a relatively low amount of damage. The combination of these firepower traits makes the Elite Devastator a great weapon against large quantities of enemy targets, while at the same time not being completely useless against fewer larger targets (even though the classic devastator is more suited for THAT task).The Elite Devastator has more HP than other devastator, but moves a bit slower.
      • Ironclad Tank Hunter LvL 2: 18% more HP, slightly better view range, 15% more damage, slightly better chance for critical hit, and slightly better minimum range.
      • Terror Walker LvL 4: 16% more health, and a better view range. 10% more damage. better max range. better rangee for area damage
      • Black Skull Walker MK4: 10% more HP and damage than the standard version
      • Devastator Tank LvL 5: HP increased 19%; damage increased 15%; Max range increased.
      • Black Skull Devastator MK5: 10% more HP, Damage than the standard version.
      • Atavar Tank MK6: 20% more health; a bit faster movement; 19% more damage; double critical hit chance to 10%.
      • Royal Artillery LvL 6: 20% more health; faster movement; 16% more damage; slightly better range; better fallout radius.
    • AI Units:

      • Hassletot LvL 5
      • Baron Trooper LvL 6
      • Baron Bazooka LvL 6
      • Baron Battle Walker LvL 6
      • Baron MBT LvL 6
      • Atelian Firebombers LvL 3.
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