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Update For The Basement Collection Adds Bonus Content

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Friday, October 5th, 2012 -

Indie developer Edmund McMillen has released a new update for game compilation The Basement Collection, available for game owners to download on Steam now.

This update adds bonus content, fixes bugs, and makes a handful of other enhancements.

From the update text:

  • Time Fcuk ch2 Ending Fixed
  • Meat Boy Q&A added
  • Chest Bonus content added
  • Triachnid achievement fixed
  • Meat boy achievements can be unlocked again after the first time (in case it misses them)
  • Collection unlocks save locally
  • Warning message when meatboy/tri achievements break (unfixable flash player related bug, adobe’s fault)
  • Correctly handle a few launch-errors (should be no more launch crashing)
  • AVGM auto-click-detection enabled, bonus content unlocked for beating inferno mode 16 times in a row
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