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Rage of Bahamut: What is Up With Cygames?

Posted under News by Adam Bruno on Thursday, October 4th, 2012 -

It’s been several weeks since Rage of Bahamut’s new trading system came out. Those who play the game know that a few weeks before that, trading (which was initially free market) and gifts were locked down entirely. Unsurprisingly, this caused an outrage among players, including myself and several others I know. Less unsurprisingly, this isn’t a rant. This is simply a statement of what I feel are the facts of the matter.



1. Cygames comes off as greedy. This is strange, because as a company, they’ve given players freebies, and some of the promotions and events are pretty good. But then they hold promotions like, “Buy 1 legend card pack, get 2 gems free!” This sounds cool, until you remember that the previous offer gave a free item worth 20 gems per card pack. That’s just an insult to players’ intelligence. Not as bad but still rather egregious is trying to hold a promotion where people can pay almost $30 for a bunch of cards while the trade embargo’s still going on. And the fact that you can still get High Normal cards in purchased packs is just plain wrong.

2. Cygames needs a serious attitude adjustment. I’m not saying the players are always right, but the way Cygames has dealt with the players (and myself, in the admittedly few email interactions I’ve had with them) has been very unprofessional. It’s clear that English is not their customer support person’s first language, and equally clear that customer service is not their first profession. They have very much taken a, “sucks to be you” attitude to most inquiries, and their response time is well over one week. The simple fact is, they only respond when players give them overwhelming negative reactions, and otherwise simply do what they can to get by and keep earning money. Which connects quite nicely to #1, above.

3. Rage of Bahamut was a breakaway hit. I don’t think Cygames had any idea that RoB would become as large or as popular as it did, and I think they’re still struggling to figure out what to do with it. I know Google’s coming down on them for their previous trade moratorium, and I know they can read the writing on the wall: if things don’t change, RoB will continue its downward spiral and die out. The question remains: do they care? I’m sure their relationship with Mobage has soured somewhat because of this, and it’s possible that Cygames may just milk the dying game for what its worth and run with the profits. If that’s the case, there’s not much players can do but wait and/or stop playing.


And the strange truth is that Cygames can not only salvage their game, but continue to make it thrive (and milk the money teat while doing so) for quite some time to come, by changing only two things. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other ways to improve, but here are the biggies.

1. Relax or drop the trade restrictions. Needing to be Fellows or Order members with someone for two weeks before you can trade with them is ridiculous. Everyone knows that it’s not because of hacking, but because people were selling cards. And they’re still doing it anyway, through exploiting the very restrictive Bazaar trading system. I think the Bazaar is a fantastic idea…for a supplement to the trading system, not a replacement. Also, that a player has to spend their very limited supply of Bazaar tickets (they only get 5 each day) both to post and purchase items is ridiculous. My further suggestion would be to make purchasing items not cost tickets, but keep the costs for posting items.

2. Make the events last only 3 days. The “Holy Wars” are a good example of events lasting three days and being very fast-paced and exciting, and the previous “Puppet Master” event is a good example of an event lasting nearly two weeks and running out of steam after the first few days. Of course, rewards will have to be adjusted if events are shorter, but Cygames intends them to be a money sink, and they’ll do just fine or even better if there’s a stricter timeframe.


So, those are my statements and my suggestions, both as a writer and a game designer. Let’s see what, if anything, Cygames actually does.

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  1. Jay says:

    Exactly. word by word. I’ve played many games but I never found any game to be so money-grubbing as RoB. Either or both Cygames and Mobage strive to milk money out of players who are playing merely a 2d phone game, utilizing the human weakness towards instant luck just like in gambling. I’ve never seen any game so outright caring only for money. There is no pride in the develpment, providing such a creation to the public, or caring for its customers. Every movements, changes, and specials all come down to milking the money out of its loyal customers who don’t get as good a gaming experience or customer supports as they deserve. They have no shame. It all shows everytime they make something new; be it new card, new promotion, new event and so on. Nothing is genuinely towards customer satisfaction or perfecting the gaming experience. They just strive to protect the possible income they can make if players could not exploit the system, so they keep making such ridiculous changes and restrictions. Your example of card packs and extremely and unnecesarilly long events are what I actually figured out to be just a tip of iceberg that is their greed. Why not just let them take advantage of the system and enjoy, while protecting the loyal players from hacking and cheating. Isn’t that what game developers are supposed to be doing? Instead they take away the freedom of trading out of a card trading game to protect their income sources. Bah….. Frankly for a mere 2d phone game which I don’t think would have costed them as much as other computer based 3d games, it has collected way too much money already in the disguise of a free game. And they want more and they will stop at nothing until they go out of business. There is no regret. There is only profits in their concern. I don’t want them to change their attitude and turn their attention to their loyal payers. I want them to go down as an excessively greedy being should. I have no faith left for the lots. They’ve gone beyond the line long time ago.

  2. T.J. says:

    I have played Mobage game rage of Rage of Bahamut for over a year now and I have really enjoyed it. However they are continually changing it to make it mandatory that you buy card packs from them to achieve success in the game or to even play it efficiently. They are getting greedy with there success. It is free to download and play however it costs hundred of thousands of real money to have half a chance of doing decent in the game now. I propose people refuse to buy card packs from them for the next 3 weeks as a way to show them that they do not control this game nor do they control us as people. We the players made this game what it is and we are what will make it what it will be. Instead of rewarding us for our time and money spent on this game, they make it harder for non money spenders to enjoy the game. I have spent a amount of money on this game that I choose not to disclose and for what just to get treated like crap in the long run.

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