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The Rise and Fall of 38 Studios and the 75 Million Dollar Mystery (Part 3)

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Friday, September 28th, 2012 -

However, with comic book artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane in charge of art work, best-selling novelist R.A. Salvatore penning the scripts, and Ken Rolston (former game designer with Bethesda, Elder Scrolls series) at the helm, it seemed worthwhile to stick to their guns and continue with their investments in the company.  The studio marched forward, with the hope that people would still buy more copies of Amalur while the Rhode Island studio continued production on a title code named Project Copernicus (for which there is little information available).

After two years in development, employees at 38 Studios found that they didn’t receive their checks for the month of May, sparking dissent and animosity for their employer.  Three weeks later, 38 Studios filed bankruptcy and laid-off its entire staff, some of whom were facing failing mortgage payments after having to relocate from their original home offices in Maynard, Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island.  By the end of May 2012, Schilling had already invested over $50 million of his own money into the venture, leaving him penniless in the end.

Even now, the state of Rhode Island is trying to sell left over furniture, computers, and even Microsoft SDK (developer’s kits) at a state auction in order to recover losses from their ill-gotten investments in 38 Studios through the SJ Corio company.  In further news, Microsoft does not seem too happy with the state selling kits that were technically on loan and licensed only to 38 Studios, and are calling for a motion to get them back.

…because this guy thinks we should only be playing educational games based on Bible stories..

I guess nobody told politicians in Rhode Island that you couldn’t sell those licensed, patented kits at a public auction.  But, what do they know about public policy?  They only create the laws that every local citizen in the state has to abide by.

Still, that’s a whole other argument for another day.


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