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Space Pirates And Zombies Updates Lower Extortion Severity

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, August 16th, 2012 -

MinMax Games has released a new update for third-person combat game Space Pirates And Zombies; owners of the game can download the update now on Steam.

These updates lower the severity of extortions, as well as implementing a handful of bugfixes.

From the changelog:

  • Fixed deployable turrets assigning relation damage on self destruct after being scanned.
  • Fixed broken turret on an Advanced Mule ship design.
  • Fixed huge pulse cannon now shoots huge projectiles, not large.
  • Fixed some “Extreeme” spelling to improve “moral”
  • Modding: last mod used is remembered on re-launch (YAY!)
  • Fixed possible infinite enemy loop on Extreme extortion events
  • Lowered severity on extortions in general (combat wise) by 25%
  • Fixed save name accepted sound on enter key press with invalid name
  • Modding: Added the scriptfile_Added.cs functionality see (www.spazgame.com modding forums)
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