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Dota 2 Update Refines Bot Behavior

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 -

Valve has released a new update for upcoming “action RTS” Dota 2, available for participants in the beta to download on Steam now.

This update makes a number of refinements to the behavior of the game’s bots.

From the update notes:

    • Fixed being able to miss Vendetta
    • Fixed Meld sometimes not hitting if you moved quickly after attacking
    • Fixed some FOW issues with Spirit Form Illuminate
    • Fixed Soul Assumption gaining charges from Illusions
    • Fixed some movement formation issues with Familiars
    • Fixed Stone Form stun not going off if a Familiar died while casting it
    • Fixed bots never using Cheese.
    • Fixed bots never using TPs to get back to base.
    • Bots will no longer figure out illusions based on the damage the potential illusion is doing.
    • Lowered bot farm desire at low health.
    • Lowered retreat desire just to pick up items.
    • Added a mild distance factor to Roshan desire.
    • Baseline push desire is now calculated using the opposing team’s total offensive power rather than a constant value (so bots will want more power later in games).
    • Bots now just want to equalize power when defending, rather than overwhelm.
    • Capped maximum defend desire so that it doesn’t trump their attack desire.
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