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War Inc. Battlezone Update Fixes Various Bugs

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, July 30th, 2012 -

Online Warmongers Group Inc. has released a new update for free-to-play shooter War Inc. Battlezone, which game owners can download now on Steam.

This update fixes a number of bugs that remained in the previous release.

From the update notes:

  • Voice Communications on/off now properly works when setting it in the game options. 
  • Life Side Camera now properly works in the game settings. 
  • Fixed a sound bug with some single shot weapons. 
  • Fixed a bug that did not properly update WP/GC when buying items. 
  • Fixed the experience progression bar on the My Merc screen. 
  • Fixed a bug on some video cards that received the error “ERROR: missing shader file Data\Shaders\DX9_P1\SSAO_PS.hls”
  • Fixed a bug with the Deathcard UI remaining on the screen after respawn. 
  • Fixed a bug with Revenge award being given when it should have. 
  • You are unable to use consumables before the game starts now. 
  • Fixed a bug where the Soflam icon would show up for all of your items. 
  • Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect amount of WP for the Mega Loot crate.
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