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Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter Updates Add Population Manager

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, July 30th, 2012 -

Kerberos Studios has released new updates for space strategy sequel Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, available for download by game owners now on Steam.

Along with a number of bugfixes, this update adds a population manager.

From the change log:

  • r22508c
    • Critical fixes:
      • Fixed a Comparative Analysis UI crash.
      • Addressed a weapon bank related crash.
    • Other fixes:
      • Fixed recent mission screen UI issues.
      • Fixed loophole that was allowing station construction to exceeed the number of each type of station allowed.
      • Engrammed admirals with the Inquisitor trait no longer gain extra traits.
  • r22508b
    • Critical fixes:
      • Fixed reported crash bugs in combat.
      • Abandoning a colony in the Colony Established dialog no longer causes a crash.
    • Other fixes:
      • AI no longer executes diplomatic actions without sufficient diplomatic points.
      • AI now builds various station types again.
      • AI no longer redesigns platforms continually.
      • Battle riders can now be targeted specifically.
      • Security slider no longer jumps to a notched position when the research slider is moved in the star map.
      • It is no longer possible to retrofit stations with pending modules.
      • Mining stations can now be built on asteroids.
      • Fixed absorber ship section effect.
      • Asteroid monitors now have Polaris missiles.
      • Ship targets in combat are no longer lost when turrets are lost or a section is destroyed.
      • Fixed a corner case that could result in ships rolling continually in combat.
      • Meson projector now aims at the intended target and applies damage correctly.
      • Ships turned over to a different player in combat now are now correctly removed from hotkey groups.
      • Fixed torpedo retargeting.
      • Other changes and additions:
      • Added Leech Driver.
      • Added population manager.
      • Added comparative analysis screen.
      • Changes to the All Stop command mean that a ship issued All Stop will return to Normal Stance. If a ship is answering All Stop and another stance is selected, it will start moving again.
    • Known issues:
      • Existing sync errors in multiplayer turn updates are still being addressed.
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