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Nexuiz Update Adds Game Option To Turn Off First Person Legs

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, July 30th, 2012 -

Illfonic has released a new update for arena FPS Nexuiz; game owners can download the update now on Steam.

This update makes a number of bugfixes and adds an option to turn off the first person legs.

From the patch notes:

  • Features:
    • Added a game option for turning off the first person legs.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the electro secondary explosion effect not playing.
    • Fixed sound occasionally turning off when going into spectator mode.
    • Disallowing WhoDat from being a permanent mutator because it was problematic.
    • Fixed the server browser not sorting.
    • Fixed an occasional crash when chasing someone in spectator.
    • Fixed some popup menu buttons jittering when you hovered over them.
    • Fixed a number of scrolling list and scroll bar bugs with the menus, including one bug that prevented it from showing up on the Server Browser. Should be much smoother and more accurate now.
    • Fixed the weapon displayed on the HUD getting out of sync with what’s used if you VERY rapidly changed between all of your weapons while fully equipped.
  • Optimizations:
    • Made numerous optimizations to scrolling list menu rendering, making them less jerky when there was a lot of information put into them
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