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Iron Front: Liberation 1944 Update Adds New Systems For Mines, Anti-Tank Guns

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, July 30th, 2012 -

X1 Software and AWAR have released a new update for strategic shooter Iron Front: Liberation 1944, available for game owners to download now on Steam.

Among the many changes and enhancements in this update are new systems for laying mines and for attaching the anti-tank guns to vehicles.

From the changelog:

  • New: New exe, fixing several crashes.
  • New: Different damage model of the vehicles – they don’t change anymore suddenly to an odd, burning piece of metal.
  • New: New system of hitching the anti-tank guns to vehicles, now it needs only one simple action, and can be hitched also by the driver inside the vehicle.
  • New: BattlEye anti-cheat system added.
  • New: New, wider window of the list of the multiplayer servers.
  • New: SVT soviet rifle added.
  • New: G43 german rifle added.
  • New: New german camo units (Sturmers, infantry and tank crew) added – an official mod made by Nick Leyland aka Stagler.
  • New: Flare pistol added to the unteroffices.
  • New: New mine system, does not need the “Using mines and tripwires” module anymore. 
  • New: Now M3 scout can close the armor plate now (need to get out from the car to do it, as in the real one).
  • New: The M2 machine-gun on M3 scout is switchable.
  • Fixed: Fixed the work of multiplayer, fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed: Fixed various bugs of Soviet and German campaign.
  • Fixed: Fixed some errors of the anti-tank weapons, especially in the multiplayer.
  • Fixed: The bombs can damage the tanks in the multiplayer now.
  • Fixed: Fixed the wrong sound of the steps while running with the ready weapon.
  • Fixed: Hanomag crew can be killed now by the M2 machine-gun.
  • Fixed: Fixed the problems with the small anti-tank weapons against tanks in Multiplayer (no more “Panerfaust not working”)
  • Fixed: Fixed various errors of the mines.
  • Fixed: Fixed several building issues, doors, geometry problems, crashes due to errors.
  • Fixed: Fixed the problem with the breakable parts of the vehicles in the multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Reduced the thickness of the wooden fences against the bullets.
  • Fixed: Now the tank riders die by HE shells.
  • Fixed: Hanomag and M3 scout don’t have anymore so big zoom at the machine-guns.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the crew of anti-tank guns was not dying from enemy fire.
  • Fixed: The static machine-guns couldn’t turn around in multiplayer.
  • Updated: Updated several multiplayer missions, fixed several bugs.
  • Updated: Updated the trenches, fixed some errors.
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