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Krater Update Changes Loot Drop Rate

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Friday, July 6th, 2012 -

Fatshark has released a new update for squad-based roleplaying game Krater, which owners of the game can download now on Steam.

This update adjusts loot drop rates to better reflect the threat level where it was dropped.

From the update notes:

  • Made deep cave truly deep and crazy hard. Try and reach the bottom and say hello to Sluggo. We couldn’t.
  • Added health bar to the Team Management screen.
  • Decreased weapon damage on all weapons found in areas above threat level 7.
  • Increased health on all enemies above threat level 7.
  • Changed the drop rate of loot to better reflect the threat level it was dropped in.
  • Fixed the timing on the Mutant Bruisers chop ability to better match the animation.
  • Increased the radius of the Mutant Medikus’s healing orb ability to better match the designated area.
  • Increased the width of the Mutant Slayers Strike ability to better fit the effect.
  • Decreased the duration and increased the cooldown on the Human Regulators Slow Field.
  • Fixed some localization errors.
  • Decreased the cool down on the Mutant Slayers open wound ability.
  • Increased healing done by healing Gadgets.
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