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War Inc. Battlezone Update Adds Consumables

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 -

Online Warmongers Group Inc. has released a new update for free-to-play multiplayer shooter War Inc. Battlezone, available for download now on Steam.

This update adds consumable items to the game; although currently the only consumables are bandages, others may be added in future updates.  A number of other new items also appear in this update.

From the patch notes:

  • Clans now sort by how much experience the clan has when sorting by “level”.
  • Added an icon above the players head who has the bomb in Sabotage.
  • Made it easier to tell where players are when they shot you. 
  • Added a graphic effect on players with spawn protection. 
  • When you click on an item on your “My Merc” page it will take you to that item in your inventory. 
  • Friends list now sorts alphabetically.
  • Snipers will show up for 10 seconds on the minimap after firing. 
  • Crossroads has been redesigned. 
  • Crossroads has 5 flags, again. 
  • Shipping yard has been redesigned. 
  • Added tier 2 and 3 to all skill trees! 
  • We will be testing Sabotage out with all of these items. If we find that this does not help in making Sabotage more fun we may remove them.
  • Added Auto Turrets to the game. A turret is a mechanical gun that you deploy and will auto attack anyone in its frontal cone radius. 
  • Added Riot Shields to the game. A Riot Shield is a stationary Shield that you can place in front of you to absorb damage. Riot Shields have a limited amount of health. 
  • Added Respawn Beacons to the game. Respawn beacons allow you to place the item down and then spawn there when you die. You must select the Respawn Becon on your map in order to spawn at that location. Friendlies can also spawn at your Becaon. 
  • Added Medkit to the game. Drop the medkit and heal friendly players that are near it. 
  • Added Motion Sensor to the game. Placing this down allows you to see players on the minimap. 
  • Added Adrenaline Shots to the game This item increases your run and sprint speed by 10% for 15 seconds. 
  • Added Morphine Shots to the game. This reduces the damage you take by 25% for 15 seconds
  • You get 1 of the above items to use if you spec into it in your skill tree. To use the items you must equip them and then use it with mouse 1. 
  • Consumables are now in game! Consumable can be found in the items section of your inventory.
    • Bandages – This item restores 25% health when used. 
    • Bandages DX – This item restores 40% health when used.
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