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Naval War: Arctic Circle Mission Editor Released

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, June 18th, 2012 -

Turbo Tape Games has released a mission editor for tactical strategy game Naval War; Arctic Circle.  Game owners can download the mission editor as a free game update on Steam.

User-created missions made with the mission editor will be made available in the Steam Workshop.

From the mission editor feature list:

  • Access to all game units and free distribution on the game map
  • Full control of initial unit grouping, waypoints and weapon loads
  • Full configurability of airfields and flight decks, and custom setup of aircraft units types and amounts
  • Simple selection of victory condition types from the game
  • Use of any units from any nation found in the game on any side
  • Hosting of multiplayer games using any custom mission
  • Steam Workshop integration for simple sharing and downloading of any community created mission
  • Option to create unique mission preview image
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