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Towns Update Adds Assorted Traps

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 -

SMP has released a new update for upcoming citybuilding game Towns.  Players who have preordered the game can update the game through various means as described in the Towns FAQ.

This update adds traps to the game, which come in assorted shapes, sizes, and effects.

From the patch notes:

  • Add: Traps
  • Add: Military items tooltip now shows the item level
  • Add: Icons on each effect (IE. a green drop for the poisoned effect)
  • Add: New floors for zones
  • Add: Hitting the “H” key rotates throught your current heroes
  • Add: Heroes with high moral will help citizens in danger
  • Add: New dark wooden wall, golden/silver weapons and armours, also a flaming sword only dropped by burningpets
  • Change: Crippling shot chance increasedChange: If the floor is occupied by an item, the living drops will check for neighbors cells 
  • Change: Faster exploration methods for heroes
  • Change: Mountain map generation
  • Change: Autoequip order now search for the best items. Also, you can order it to a citizen already equipped to search for better equipment
  • Change: Area skills (IE. defense aura) now takes into account the LOS
  • Change: Rebalance the level of all items and drops
  • Fix: A new ATI crash 
  • Fix: Thief poison attack
  • Fix: Ranged attacks that adds effects to livings (IE. Elf crippling shot)
  • Fix: Prerequisites to build silver/gold armorsFix: Added specific code for ATI users to solve the nasty crash (thanks to Zachary Stendor for testing it)
  • Fix: Citizens with building construction tasks will stop it automatically if they get hungry
  • Fix: Chop palm trees with the bottom menu
  • Fix: Made snickerite greaves stackable
  • Fix: Blue arena badgers health points increased
  • Fix: Heroes doesn’t break walls/doors on other levels when they get rage
  • Fix: Sand roof glitch
  • Fix: Mouse transparency option now is saved properly in the options file
  • Fix: Heroes use of skills while eat or sleep
  • Fix: Stuck livings if you delete a bridge when they are over it
  • Fix: Citizens starving in the hospital
  • Fix: Expanding zones on undiscovered cells
  • Fix: A bug makes the citizens to walk bellow 20% speed
  • Fix: Citizens speed when they are hungry now has the minimum speed to 20%
  • Modders: Customizable effects, they can be tied to hero skills, foods 
  • Modders: New <tags> tag on items and , this way heroes will use only specific items (IE. a mage only use cloth items and wands)
  • Modders: New tags <levelMin> and <levelMax> on the living entities drops
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