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Europa Universalis III Mod Steppe Wolf: The Coin, The Sabre, and the Pigeon Released

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 -

Vitosha Pictures Studio has released Europa Universalis III mod Steppe Wolf: The Coin, The Sabre, and the Pigeon.  It’s available for download now at ModDB.

This mod drastically extends the time frame of the original game, allowing players to control their nations through a full two millennia.

From the mod’s full description:

Steppe Wolf: The Coin, The Sabre & The Pigeon is master mod for one of most popular strategy games – Europa Universalis III. It is not just the first mod ever released for Divine Wind patch, but successor project of previous 10 mods released by Vitosha Pictures Studio.Steppe Wolf extends the time frame from 11 AD until 2010 AD, which is about 6 times more then the vanilla game. The new map has almost 2 times more provinces since the vanilla, and it is changed in a historical way (from Bulgarian point of view), showing the change of borders and wars between Bulgarian state and Byzantine Empire for over of 7 Hundred years. 

The main aim of the game remains unchanged, but spiced up – you have to guide your state in the cruel political realm, managing to hold on it as long as possible. Some players goes further craving to seize the Golden Constantinople, holding firmly the trade between Europe and Asia, occupy the Holy town of Jerusalem or restoring ancient empires such as Roman and Alexander the Great – Macedonia (thought for history accuracy ancient Macedonians in the game are from Illiric culture, not Greek).

Some of the players with touch for diplomacy would prefer to govern over the small trade republic such as Genoa, Pisa or Venice, interfering with the world conflicts with heavy sacks of gold.

In this master mod the politic would be part of existence of your state, whether you like it or not you would be involved in dynastic struggles, dynastic marriages, alliances or spy games.

For the experienced strategy players, this master mod is so desired mix between Age of Empires II, Mediveal: Total War and Civilization III.

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