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BattleForge Update Adds Three Contest-Winning Maps

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Friday, May 11th, 2012 -

EA Phenomic has released a new update for card-based strategy game BattleForge.  Owners of the game can download the update now at The Patches Scrolls.

This update includes the three winning maps of the Community Map Contest.

From the patch description:


  • Amii Edition
    • The Amii Booster has been added to the ingame store.
    • This booster consists of four Amii cards which are drawn first. The booster is then filled up with another four cards from all editions except Amii Edition. In total, the booster contains of five common, two uncommon and one rare or ultrarare card.
  • Community Map Contest
    • Added the three winner maps of the Community Map Contest to Sparring Grounds.
    • The maps are:
      • “Wintrhy” created by SpitzKopf
      • “Aztec” created by Fragggy
      • “Tairayver” created by Kaldra
  • PvE Rankings*
    • Map of the Week is now Map of the Month.*Rankings reset on 1st of every month.
    • There are rankings for every PvE map now. They work as the Map of the*Month rankings: The faster the time, the higher your match will be in the rankings. Expert difficulty beats Advanced beats Standard.
    • Four new PvE Ranks have been added:*Chronicle Keeper, Loremaster, Vigil of the Forge and Master of the Forge. These ranks cannot be gained by playing PvE maps.
    • Every 1st of a month, the first places of each PvE map ranking will get additional XP as a price.
    • You can sign a PvE match as Speedrun in the matchmaking screen to show others that you want to complete this map as fast as possible. For Random PvE Speedrun is only possible if Map of the Month has been selected.*
    • You can show the rankings of the past two months now, too.
  • Character Creation
    • Character names can consist of up to 16 characters, inlcuding numbers, – and _ now.*
    • The maximum number of BattleForge characters per account is now one. Existing characters will not be affected and stay accessible.
    • If there is an Origin persona already, BattleForge will suggest its name for character creation.*
    • If there is no Origin persona already, BattleForge will try to create it with the same name of a new character created.
  • Worldmap
    •  The meaning of the path arrows between PvE maps has been changed: Yellow paths lead to maps that are unlocked, red path means that the map is locked and not yet playable.
    • All maps are shown on the Worldmap now, regardless whether they are locked or have been hidden by the difficulty dropdown box before.
    • Hovering the cursor over a locked PvE map shows which maps you have to master first in order to unlock this map.
    • The dropdown box for pre-selecting PvE difficulty has been removed.
  • Cheater Handling
    • Banned characters are shown as such in character selection after login.
    • Matches are shown in the PvE rankings now after they have checked for use of cheats.*
  • User Interface
    • Buttons leading directly to EA Customer Support and BattleForge web forums have been added to the ingame news screen.
    • You can tab through the fields in the Create Auction window now.*Hitting Space when the Create Auction button is focused will create the auction.
  • Performance Improvements
    • Logging in, buying and opening Boosters should be faster now.
  • Cards
    • Ripper:*Damage increased from 720 to 840
    • Spitfire:*Power costs decreased from 300 to 220
    • White Rangers:**Active Special costs reduced from 25 to 10. Active Special now deals half damage against buildings. Damage increased from 9/10/11/13 to 8/10/12/14. Unit costs reduced from 80 to 70.
    • Kobold Trick / Glacier Shell:*Buildings affected by Glacier Shell are immune to Kobold Trick for 30sec
    • Voidstorm:*Now requires 3 Shadow Orbs (from 2 Shadow Orbs plus 1 Neutral Orb)
    • Lost Vigil:*Reduced the damage near friendly structures from 180 (270 total) to 135 (200 total). Healing effect of nature affinity reduced from 25 per second to 18 per second.


  • Loot Drops
    • The drop of upgrades of the following cards has been fixed or added:
      • Architect’s Call Frost Affinity Upgrade 1
      • Firesworn Frost Affinity Upgrade 1
      • Fleshbender Fire Affinity Upgrade 1
      • Hatecaster Shadow Affinity Upgrades 2+3
      • Lost Spirit Ship Nature Affinity Upgrades 1+2+3
      • Incredible Mo Upgrades 1+2+3
      • Curse Well Upgrades 1+2+3
      • QueekQueek Upgrades 1+2+3
      • Moon Upgrades 1+2+3
      • Jorne Upgrades 1+2+3
    • An official loot list will be released with this patch.
  • Cards
    • Amok, Knight of Chaos, Lord Cyrian:*You cannot control affected units by Stop or Hold Position anymore.
    • Decomposer:*You cannot send a unit affected by Second Chance into Decomposer anymore.
    • Motivate: You cannot cast Motivate on a unit affected by Second Chance anymore.
    • Offering: You cannot cast Offering on a unit affected by Second Chance anymore.
    • Mutating Maniac: Transforming into this unit now costs the right amount of power.
    • Lory Cyrian and Promo Grinder are no longer tradeable
    • Corrected several minor grammar and spelling mistakes*
  • PvE Rankings*
    • The Show Deck button was not properly shown on some display resolutions. This has been fixed.*
    • Showing a Tutorial Deck in PvE Rankings does not result in a crash anymore.
    • There are no wrongly displayed show deck icons for empty ranking entries anymore.
  • User Interface
    • A glitch where the card list was scrolled down showing no cards with activated card filters has been fixed.
    • The error message when trying to trade a nontradeable card has been refined.
    • A bug which allowed to trade a nontradeable card while being ready for a match has been fixed.
  • User Generated Maps
    • The health bar of a unit that has been manipulated with*DoCmdScriptEntityHealthSetMaxAbsolute() is no longer screwed up. 
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