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Space Pirates and Zombies Update Adds Modding Tools

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, May 6th, 2012 -

MinMax Games, Ltd. has released a new update for tactical space combat game Space Pirates and Zombies, available for owners of the game to download now on Steam.

Along with this update come modding tools, available for download separately.

From the change log:

  • Added Modding tools downloaded separately (http://spacepiratesandzombies.com/updates.html)
  • Added Random tech progression option to the Galaxy generator (this is the pre v1.500 method)
  • Added Slider for tech availability to the galaxy generator
  • Added Slider for Bounty Hunter population to the galaxy generator
  • Added Facebook, Twitter, and RSS buttons to the launcher. Please follow us for future developments
  • Fixed Mothership is fully crewed now so it repairs properly 
  • Fixed Gate bribes are never greater than the max goons you can carry
  • Fixed turrets firing on cloaked Ships
  • Changed Increased mass bomb damage 33%
  • Changed Mothership given pre-defined tech levels to keep mothership attacks fair vs. all tech specialties
  • Changed Bounty Hunter random help at high respect does not cost respect since you don’t choose to call them
  • Changed Lowered severity of extortion missions
  • Changed Lowered extortion request amounts for goons, rez and data
  • Changed Removed beam boosters in favor of point def for many AI Manta designs to lower damage output a bit
  • Changed Lowered Manta’s maneuverability, health
  • Changed Lowered Brute’s health and crew 
  • Changed Lowered Mammoth’s health and crew 
  • Changed Removed a weapon booster from each AI Mammoth and replaced with Point defense to lower damage output
  • Changed Lowered Energy Burst Cannon damage 15%
  • Changed Lowered Particle Cannon damage 15%
  • Changed Greatly Increased Respect rewards for missions to offset bounties accrued during the fighting
  • Changed Cloaking Shields 30% stronger
  • Changed Cloaking Engines 30% faster, more maneuverable, better thrust
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