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King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame Update Tweaks Spell Cooldown

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 -

Neocore Games has released a new update for dark fantasy game King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame, downloadable now on Steam by game owners.

Among other changes, this update tweaks the spell cooldown so that it never drops below 10% of the starting number.

From the changelog:

  • New button on the Hero Inventory panel (usable on an Artifact Store location) – moves all unequipped Artifacts to the Store
  • Beast Master skill fixed
  • The settings of the Minimap icons always saved (at returning from battle, starting a new game or loading a saved game from the Main Menu)
  • Enemy armies no longer block the route towards the target (some part of the route is marked by red colour, indicating that a battle have to be fought)
  • End Turn button popup properly tells if a Delegate quest is waiting to be solved
  • Resurrection spell popup fixed
  • Tier 2 Elmet Legionaries receive the Fomori Slayer skill properly
  • Knights of the Light units receive an upgradable skill (Golden Basilica locations)
  • Armies defending a passage cannot be lured away anymore
  • “University” (London) diplomacy action fixed
  • Woodlander skill of Wolfbreeds fixed
  • Units cannot move to an army from faraway Army Reserves anymore
  • Marriage for female heroes is not available anymore
  • Items received and lost in the same quest no longer appear among quest rewards
  • Faith requirement at Unseelie Champions training fixed
  • Spell cooldown never drops below 10% of the original number
  • Popup of item type filter buttons in Artifact Store improved (info about possible modifiers at forging)
  • Unit icons during Tutorial fixed
  • Time limit requirement always appears properly in the popup of the quest
  • Traits modifying Lore points (from locations) fixed
  • Solving late game quests in “wrong” order issue fixed
  • Passive skill bonuses appear properly in the statistics
  • Lost level up bonuses of hero retinue on new Tier fixed
  • Battle alert sounds (gate destroyed) fixed
  • Sub-objective text in Call to Arms Objective fixed (15 units available, including own units and heroes)
  • Non-16:9 resolution notification windows fixed
  • “Careful Tactician” promotion fixed
  • First sub-objective of the “Nimue” Objective fixed
  • Grendel’s Lair teleport location fixed

Known issues – fixing in progress

  • The level of some units drops back to 1 in unique situations 
  • Few quests spawn on the top of the army that is supposed to solve it
  • Some of the final Objectives don’t appear properly on the Objective panel if a certain option in a specific Diplomatic quest is chosen
  • Some Victory Locations don’t appear properly on the Minimap
  • Lancelot’s Grail Shard Essence gathering
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