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King Arthur II: The Roleplaying Wargame Patch Fixes Extreme Morality Bonuses

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Friday, February 24th, 2012 -

Neocore Games has released a new patch for King Arthur II: The Roleplaying Wargame, which owners of the game can download now on Steam.

This patch fixes extreme morality bonuses and a number of other problematic issues from the earlier release.

From the patch description:

  • Corrosive Bile skill fixed
  • Popup does not appear when Leadership drops below the total requirement (the excess units are grey and do not fight in battles)
  • Extreme Morality bonuses (over 20) fixed
  • “Upload” expression changed
  • Opposing traits of the Ladies fixed
  • Retreating from the Guardian of a Nether Gate fixed
  • The Tomb of the Emperor Objective bug fixed (if the Western gate solved as last in “The Immortals” Objective)
  • Fixed bugs at closing Nether Gates
  • Stronghold locations bug fixed
  • AI units cannot learn morality skills of the player anymore
  • Lair type location modifiers fixed
  • The popup of combat stats (Damage, HP, etc.) lists the bonuses from Promotions and Morality separately
  • The popup of Fiefdoms (on the Fiefdom List and the Hero screen) lists the type of the Locations in the province
  • The popup of Locations on the Location List provides the description of the Location
  • Clicking a Fiefdom icon moves the camera to the chosen province 
  • Sir Galahad never gets killed by any raiding Fomorian army anymore
  • (Saved games having such situation are retroactively fixed by spawning another Sir Galahad army and restarting the Grail Knight Objective.)
  • Tear in the Veil bug fixed (grants Leadership discount to all special units)
  • Teleports and some other special locations appear on the Minimap
  • Buttons for activating/deactivating icons on the Minimap are available (above the Minimap)
  • Adventures of Sir Balan Objective fixed (Army of King Alwick bug)
  • Right-clicking on one of the Main Hero icons at the top of the Campaign Map GUI selects the army without moving the camera. Left-clicking remains unchanged.
  • “Army changing trick” at the Artifact Store fixed
  • Buying Artifacts at Traders is available without hero(es) at the location. Such Artifacts arrive to the Artifact Store.

Known issues – fixing in progress

  • Beast Master skill
  • Path finding issue when an enemy army blocks the one and only route
  • At Delegate quests, the popup of the End Turn button should read as “A delegate is waiting for you.”
  • Resurrection spell popup information
  • Knights of the Light units skills
  • Tier 2 Elmet Legionaries and the Fomori Slayer skill
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