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King Arthur II Patch Fixes Costs, Tweaks Balance, Repairs Bugs

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, February 16th, 2012 -

Neocore Games has released a patch to King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame, which game owners can download now on Steam.

This patch buffs some abilities and nerfs others to improve game balance, as well as changing the costs of certain units and powers and including some bug fixes.

From the patch notes:

  • Knights of the Lights Leadership cost fixed
  • Summerborn and Winterbreed units recruitment cost and skills fixed
  • Damage boosting skills fixed (e.g. Voice of the Shadows properly boosts shadow damage)
  • Experience points balancing
  • Red Knight battle nerfed
  • Huge Demon shooting defense buffed
  • Wounds of the Land Objective fixed
  • Heroes of Eboracum battle buffed
  • Morgawse, Dal Riata and Pictland ruler naming fixed
  • Buildings increasing HP and Damage fixed
  • Slider not showing up when selecting units from three armies fixed
  • Artifact giving the same bonus twice works properly
  • Defeating Fomorian armies gives reputation properly to the appropriate Rulers
  • Research items bug fixed
  • Some trait bugs fixed
  • Units that have no skills to choose at levelling does not display the golden wreath anymore.
  • Experienced retainers skill fixed
  • Drag and drop from Artifact Forge slots fixed
  • Castle location provides Leadership even if the liege lord is a secondary hero
  • Equipped two-handed weapon visually denies the other weapon slot
  • Location slot issue fixed
  • Arm bonuses from Locations fixed
  • Multiple battle warnings issue fixed
  • Diplomacy warnings at dead rulers fixed
  • Flashing unit circles in battles (at selecting direction) fixed
  • Accumulated units at selecting direction fixed
  • Leadership issues fixed
  • Magic Shield boosting at AI armies and Shield boosting spells for AI heroes added
  • Mana of the AI heroes on high levels buffed
  • 1280*1024 resolution GUI problems fixed
  • Missing pictures for forged artifacts added

Known issues – fixing in progress

  • Proper pop-up info about casted spells (Spellpower)
  • Seelie Council Guards model
  • Wyrmligs high tier model
  • Wrong characters in the name of some enemy heroes
  • Missing textures on two battlefields
  • Wrong surface on two battlefields
  • Increased and more proper AI spell usage (e.g. Dispel)
  • Desperate Mobs bug
  • William Pendragon’s Grail Shard skill bug
  • Warlocks of Morgawse quest issue
  • Giants of Morgawse quest issue


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