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Nation Red Update Adds Drop-In Online Co-op, New Map, and Stat Section

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 -

DiezelPower has released another content-packed update for its zombie arena shooter Nation Red, available to download now for owners of the game on Steam.

The patch adds the new Bridge Barricade map to online and local co-op, drop-in online cooperative play, and a new stat section that’s visible when pausing the game. Other improvements and fixes as well.

From the full notes:

- A new Bridge Barricade map has been added to the on-line coop and local coop maps

- Players can now join on-line games already in progress (Drop-In). You can also start a multiplayer game by yourself and let other players join. Works both with Public and Friends-only games.

- Added a new Stats section, visible when pausing or at the end of a game. Quickly visualize the number of kills/boss kills each player has, most-used weapons, current maximum killstreak, unpicked perk bonuses, etc. In on-line coop, the host can pause the game to compare player stats.

- Now supports up to 3 seperate Auto-Perk lists. For example use List #1 for Barricade games, List #2 for Free Play and List #3 for achievement hunting, etc.

- Now supports unlimited blood. To enable, set the ‘number of blood patches’ slider in the game options to ‘unlimited’. Can be used to cover the entire arena in blood.

- Dynamite powerup now has a much larger damage radius and deals damage to up to 5x more zombies compared to regular grenades.

- Added perk icons (beta). Perks are divided into 7 icon categories: Armor-related perks, Health, Powerup, Scoring, Targeting, Dexterity and Offense perks.

- Moved achievement-tracking display. To track an achievement, go to the in-game achievement list and mouse click on any achievement.

- Player indicator circle now shows health status, ranging from green->yellow->red

- Grenade icon added next to the player grenade indicator

- Now supports loading all game assets from zip files for faster game startup

- Ghost perks in Auto Perk mode now stack quicker.

- Auto Experience perk now gives 2x more Xp

- Added new achievements:

- Pinpoint: In a single Free Play game, survive for 5 minutes without your accuracy dropping below 50% in the new stats section.

- Killstreak One, Two and Three: Reach a killstreak of 1000, 2000 and 3000 (refer to the new stats section). A Killstreak is obtained by zombie kills without receiving any damage.

- Increased visibility of crosshairs. Added a console option ‘cursor2′ to change crosshairs to a different type.

- Snare now operates more smoothly in multiplayer games

- Firestarter now gives Xp when the perk alone kills a zombie

- Several small bug fixes

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