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Sequence Update Increases Drop Rates

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 -

Iridium Studios has a new update out for their rhythm RPG mash-up Sequence, available now for owners of the title on Steam.

The latest patch has a few additions and tweaks including resolution improvements, and a minor increase in drop rates across the board.

From the patch notes:

- Fullscreen mode will now work correctly in your monitor’s native resolution, even if lower than 1280×720 or in non-16:9 aspect ratios

- Game window can now be resized at will

- Minor increase in drop percentages all across the board (3-5%)

- Removed an incorrect line in Tutorial 1 stating a player had to use the WSAD and Arrow Keys at the same time to hit doubles

- Joy2Key / Third Party keymapping programs should now work correctly

- Fixed a bug where bringing up the Steam Overlay at a certain point while learning a spell would make it impossible to exit

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