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Sanctum The Old City Update Adds New Modes

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 -

Coffee Stain Studios has released a major new update for its FPS tower defense hybrid Sanctum, available to download now for owners of the title on Steam.

The patch adds a ton of new content including three new modes (Bounty, Pre-Built, and Stamina), the Kairos tower, the REX weapon, many new localizations, improvements, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and more.

From the full change log:

Sanctum Update – THE OLD CITY

• 3 new game modes!

• Bounty – Building phases will come with a time limit. Kill enemies to gain resources.

• Pre-built – A number of pre-built towers will be scattered across the map; how will you build your maze now?

• Stamina – You only live once. Start the game with an absurd amount of resources. Be wise in your spending. You’ll never get a cent again. Now, presevere.

• NEW Weapon – The REX

• NEW Tower – The Kairos

• Client side hit detection (we like lag as much as you do)

• Localization support!

(German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish included with patch, more to come)


• Complex

• Chargers will no longer spawn on the map.


• NEW! Kairos

• Slows down flying enemies

• Holo

• Level 1: 30% -> 28%

• Level 2: 60% -> 56%

• Level 3: 90% -> 84%

• Level 4: 120% -> 112%

• Level 5: 150% -> 140%

• Level 6: 180% -> 168%



• REX is a rapid-fire rocket launcher.

• Secondary fire is a target lock-on.

• Assault Gun

• Heat generation from secondary fire has been lowered from 60% to 50%

• Spread down slightly


• Spore Pod

• Delay between enemy spawns have been reduced by 0.2 sec

• Enemy strafing reduced by 200 units

• These changes will make them more vunerable to splash damage.

• Walker

• Delay between enemy spawns have been reduced by 0.5 sec.

• HP has been reduced by 5%

• These changes will make them more vunerable to splash damage.

• Soaker

• Weak spots will now pulsate the way they should.

• Hoverer

• HP has been reduced.


• Field of View option added.

• Client side hit prediction.

• Localization support.

• English

• German

• Spanish

• French

• Swedish

• Danish

• More forthcoming..

• Facebook button for the menus.

• Community button in the menus.

• Explosives will now hurt the Bobble Heads where it hurts most.

• Pathing particles are bigger

• Gib sizes have been increased dramatically.

• There’s now a tiny camera shake when you land after an inappropriately high jump.

• Version sensibility

• You will not see games hosted on other Sanctum versions anymore.

• Resolution Detection

• You should now get your default resolution when entering Sanctum

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