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[Time Killer] Melee Man

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, October 31st, 2011 -


Jump, shoot, and survive in this throwback style game of frustration and gems!

“Melee Man”, by The Village Blacksmith, is a side-scroller platform game. Interestingly though, it was made to the parameters of a Gameboy (color I believe) game. The colors, shapes, and look all fit with the old handheld. Best thing though, is that this game is also Gameboy tough.

The game is split up between 20 levels of increasing difficulty. At first the game is toddler easy, but about level 10 the game picks up like a the hot girl at the bar: Fucking difficult. You control Melee Man with the arrow keys to jump past or on top of creatures. Jumping on enemies and cannon balls can give you a super jump that is required to be performed at some points, and grant access to otherwise unreachable gems. Collect the gems, you get points. The more points you have the better you feel, so have some gems every meal! It’s that simple.

The game gets real hard at the boss levels. Thankfully, the game has infinite continues and gives you three hits per life, but sometimes this isn’t enough. the boss at level 16 took me a good while to beat. And by “beat” I mean I beat my own sense of pride and quit trying to kill him because he JUST KEPT KILLING ME!

The oddest thing about “Melee Man” is that there is actually no melee in the game. You only shoot or jump. Strange to be sure, but what’s in a name?

If you’re looking for a little Gameboy Color era action or want to try out a fun platformer play some “Melee Man“!

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