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[Time Killer] Kit and the Octopod

Posted under News, and Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, October 24th, 2011 -

It’s cephalopod meets odd in this side scroller platformer!

“Kit and the Octopod”, from Armor Games, is a action oriented platformer of the guard beating, chicken hitting, coin collecting variety. In a rash wave of lost girlfriends in the video game universe these days, Octopod has found himself victim and has lost his woman-friend. Luckily, he comes across Kit who is more than willing to help his new friend in an adventure of death and peril to get her back!

“Kit and the Octopod” plays well enough. Arrow keys are used for movement and aimed shots, while the “A” “S” and “D” keys house the action button of attacking, jumping, and throwing respectively. While Kit takes up most of the grunt work in the game, he can throw the Octopod to collect coins and stun enemies. The controls work okay, but on a slower computer the inputs might lag a bit and throw off your momentum. this shows up a lot during wall jumps where multiple button presses are made quickly and frequently and may confuse the engine.

The game looks like a cross between “Super Meat Boy” and “Castle Crashers” with a really simple cartoon look, and funny attacks and reactions. A really cool feature about the game is that the background of each level is the previous level. So when moving through a new level you see where you were just. Another good thing about levels, is that your progression is saved as you play, so if you don’t beat it in one sitting you can go back later and continue.

If you have the time and want to reunite a lonely octopod with his loving girlfriend, and kill some dudes on the way, check out the game here!

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