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Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising Campaign 2 DLC Incoming

Posted under Featured, and News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 -

Developer Full Control, personal friend to Gaming Dead, has passed along word that it’s title Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising will receive DLC in the form of an all new campaign for the excellent turn-based tactics game.

Currently dubbed Campaign 2, the add-on will bring a whole new plot line after the events of the original campaign. It takes place with the team of soldiers chasing a renegade scientist through rural countryside in the Pacific Northwest. It packs new enemies enemies–such a zombified wildlife (bears!) and undead lumberjacks–and new weapons as well.

No word yet on what (if anything) the add-on will cost, but it has been sent in to Apple for approval. So expect it to beĀ availableĀ for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch very soon. Here’s the trailer:

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