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Final Fantasy XIV Vita App Would Allow Some Mobile Play, PS3 Version Pushed to 2013

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 -

Square Enix is talking a lot of FFXIV redux lately. Specifically, the mention of a Vita app being considered for the MMORPG that would apparently let you advance the game somewhat on the go, away from the full PC/PS3 2.0 versions.

You wouldn’t be able to play the full game via Sony’s latest mobile platform, but producer Naoki Yoshida said when speaking to RPGSite that an app could allow users to check inventory, shop at the market, or purchase items at auction.

Also worth mentioning, is the PS3 version’s delay into 2013. Yikes, but hopefully it’s a good thing as they try to make up for past mistakes with the title.

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