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Dungeon Defenders Update Adds Third-Person Camera for Ranged Classes

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Friday, October 21st, 2011 -

Trendy Entertainment has a new update out for Dungeon Defenders, adding a list of improvements, fixes, and additions to the action/strategy RPG.

Specifically, support for additional mouse buttons, a third-person chase camera for better aiming with ranged classes, and more.

The title is available now on Steam. From the full change log:

* Input Configuration now supports Mouse “Thumb” buttons 4 and 5

* Third Person Shooter-style offset Chase Camera for ranged classes, for better aiming

* Fix for a Mission Progression data bug, which could cause an issue with not having levels unlocked that you should have.

* Chat box no longer will close when pressing an alpha-numeric chat button while typing if bound to it

* You are now given the tutorial achievement in Ranked mode, so that you can progress towards Legendary Defender

* Ability Hotkeys 5-0 can now be bound in the Game Config Tool

* More TrendyNet client-side tweaks to further decrease Ranked disconnections

* Issues with Steam Cloud in Local Play should be resolved

* Local data automatic backup system

* Gamepad can now properly control the “Choose Multiplayer Mode” UI

* Improved Monk DPS Ramp

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