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Puzzle Dimension Update: For the Betterment of Puzzle Dimension

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 -

Doctor Entertainment has pushed out a sizable Puzzle Dimension update, available now automatically for owners of the casual puzzler. The latest patch comes with a long list of improvements, additions, optimizations, and changes to various areas of the game.

The indie is available on Steam for both PC and Mac. Patch notes follow:

- Improved input timing by ensuring inputs are processed at a much higher tolerance regarding to framerate.

- OSX binary statically linked.

- Fixed glyph rendering bug in the Flash player which could cause flickering characters.

- Fixed some rendering issues in the Flash player regarding “DX9 device lost” scenarios.

- Fixed some threading issues with sound channel allocations which could cause some sounds not to be played.

- Added a quick fade out transition from in-game to front-end.

- A lot of optimizations in the ActionScript interpreter.

- Improved enumeration of Steam leaderboards, a lot quicker to retreive and update leaderboard entries.

- Using OGG compression of static sounds for improved loading times.

- Major optimizations in the LUA scripting layer, reusing memory as much as possible which means less time spent in garbage collection.

- Reduced number of open file handles to content database which improves loading times.

- Updated SteamWorks SDK.

- Reverted use of DirectInput8 keyboard driver; using Win32 API functions again which proved to be more robust.

- Fixed a bug causing 100% CPU usage when updating Steam leaderboards.

- Overall a lot of CPU optimizations.

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