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[PAX Prime 2011] DLC Preview Showcase

Posted under News by Kenneth Ellis on Sunday, September 11th, 2011 -

DLC showcase

There were a ton of downloadable games at PAX this year and we at Gaming Dead had to show four of the upcoming games that are worth the points/money/whatever!

Black Night Sword-

A dark themed side-scroller action game about a man who kills himself and instead of dying is transformed into the Black Knight and is tasked with killing, not saving, the princess.

This about the weirdest/darkest themed game I’ve seen since Shadow Hearts. The game is displayed like a Chinese paper puppet show and everything that moves is a gross misshapen mess of whatever it used to be. For example the “Shop” is a rotating disk of flesh with one eye that has six auxiliary mouths that eat the hears you give it to pay for the items you want. Sound a bit like Castlevania, but unlike Castlevania its not cute valentine hearts you pick up, Black Knight Sword uses blood pumping human hearts. The game plays well, and has some fun combos and attacks that are fun to use as you cover the screen in digital blood. Any fan of the macabre should check this game out when it lands in 2012.

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon

Apocalypsegeddon (I’m NOT writing that again!) is an action game based on the world of the show Ugly Americans. Callie’s demon rocker sister drops into New York and starts the end of the world with her rock band, and Callie, Mark, and friends must do what they can to stop her.

The game plays as a two stick shooter. One control stick moves our character while the other shoots in the direction it is pointed (Think “Geometry Wars”). There is a bit more to it however. Each of the four available characters can gain experience and power up certain stats (ex. Attack Power). Along with this each character plays a bit differently and has a special power unique to them, such as Callie opening her Three Hole and Leonard becoming an exploding blue lion. The four characters available are Mark, Callie, Leonard, and Lt. Grimes. Each one having there own attack.

If you’re thinking this is going to be a lame show to game transfer then think again. Everything from the story to the status screen were written by the Ugly Americans writers and every character who appears is voiced by that characters actual voice actor. No half-assing it here. If your a fan of shooters, Ugly Americans, or the end of the world check this game out for $10. Its out now.

Sine More

Sine More is a side shooter game for side shooter fans. Period.

Sine More is a breathe of fresh air in the shooter genre. While it sticks to the side scrolling shooter idea of being a plane and shooting crap that’s not you, it does a left turn into some areas I never expected. The game throws out all logic and sends you and your plane into every possible environment it can think of: Air, underground, under WATER. Its crazy! It also does some really cool switch ups to keep you on your toes. Most of the game moves from left to right, but every so often the game with immediately change to a left to right configuration to shoot at other parts of the screen.  Along with weapon upgrades, and a timed battle system where each downed enemy gives time and every hit on you loses time Sine More is a pick up for ANY shooter fan.

Jeremy McGrath’s: Offroad

Heavily involved with the development, Jeremy McGrath worked with 2XL developers to make an as real as possible offroad racing game for the fans out there.

Offroad contains a total of 10 vehicles that can be played on 8 tracks total for a fast paced rally experience. The game can be played single player, but has the ability to race up to eight players online in 1080p (If you have it). The game can be picked up and played by anyone, but has some loose controls so its going to take some expert finesse to really take control of the tracks. There is a small XP system in the game to allow players to upgrade their rig as they see fit. Usually XP is gained from your final place in standing, but it can also be gained in other unique ways. Performing a solid drift around corners, performing an exceptionally long jump, or even taking other players out can give you a sweet XP boost.

Offroad comes out this fall.

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