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[Time Killer] Defend Your Nuts!

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Friday, August 5th, 2011 -

defend your nuts

It’s a known fact that everyone wants your nuts. It is up to you to defend them.

You’re a squirrel. Bad news, you live in the evil enchanted forest. The evil creatures have some plans, and those plans include your nuts. Good news, you have a bow, a shotgun, sniper rifle, and a bazooka. Time to defend your nuts.

“Defend Your Nuts” is a point and shoot defense game. The enemies come at you in waves, and you must shoot them with the available weapons to take them down. Doing so rewards money to buy new weapons, or improve upon those you already have. As you upgrade the weapons they gain extra abilities such as increased projectiles for the bow, and mini-bombs for the bazooka.

defebd your nuts 2

Enemies come from the ground and air, so timing and aim can become really important. Don’t worry if a enemy snags your nuts. As long as you kill them before they leave the screen you won’t lose any nuts.

Try to “Defend Your Nuts!” here!

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