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[Time Killer] Word Groove

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 -

word groove

One player word jumble scabble fun!

Word-0-philes can chase the dragon with the word jumble game “Word Groove”. A word jumble game where you must find the longest word you can with the letters allotted to you. But Watch out, though! Each time you use a letter the word monster eats the first letter you used int hat word, and it can’t be used the rest of the round. You thought this was going to be easy?! HA!

The game gives points depending on how many letter were used in each word, giving bonus points if you used all the letters available. There is an “undo” button you can use to go back to previous words to get letter back, but doing so decreases your over all score. The game is also timed, so if you sit there and stare at the screen to long or go to Dictionary.com you’re screwed! You have the choice of how many letters to start out with, and each level gives you a choice of letter combinations so you can use letters you are more comfortable with. The shorter letter games have less time though, so be wary.

If you want to play some one person Scrabble, check out “Word Groove”!

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